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Shravani Speech & Hearing Centre

Best Hearing and Speech Clinic in Borivali . facilities Available : • Early Identification & Early Intervention Programme • Pure Tone & Immittance Audiometry/ ASSR/BERA/OAE • Computerized Hearing aid Trial, Fitting & Programming • All Types & Brands of Hearing Aids • Hearing aid accessories – Sales & Service support, • Cochlear Implant Evaluation – Pre & Post Management • Mapping, Speech Therapy & (AVT) Auditory Verbal Therapy • OT (Occupational Therapy) • Psychological Evaluation, Counseling and Parental Guidance • Camp & Workshop all over india We provide Digital hearing aids & Cochlear implant We also provide Speech therepy in Borivali. We have 3 centers, in across Mumbai. As a centre Shravani is known for its abiding passion for high quality of service to the speech & hearing impaired. Something about Hearing Impairment, Deafness is as severe a handicap as blindness (if not worse). Being "invisible". It evokes no sympathy, unlike one sees towards the blind. On the contrary t is often the target of ridicule. Children born deaf face a world of silence, hence no speech, limited education, little change of gainful employment and, therefore, a life of dependence and social isolation. Imagine the fate of children who are otherwise as normal, intelligent and capable as any of us. If only we could restore their hearing, they would achieve anything that any of us or our children aspire for.

Please keep +91 before the number when you dial.
  • Lancelot CHS, Opp Kalyan Jewellers, S.V Road Borivali West

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