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speech problems symptoms

For most children, learning to communicate, to listen, understand and respond is a natural and easy process. Most children will quickly develop comprehension and language skills that will last for the rest of their lives.

However, for some reason, some children find developing language difficult or get stuck along the way. This may be a case of speech disorder induced by lack of hearing or reduced hearing ability.

Speech and language disorders not only affect talking they can also cause the following:

  • They can impair understanding, concentration and memory.
  • They can damage the child's ability to socialize and build relationships.
  • Children may not find words or put in sequence even if they know what they want to say.
  • A speech and language disorder can include all, some, or just one of these. These problems are not simple or not easy to understand. Over 90% of the general public are unaware of these aspects of speech and language disorders They tend to think their child only stutters or stammers.

As children get older, their needs and the challenges facing them grow and without communication they have no chance of developing like normal children and get labeled as stupid or backward or slow. Thus speech and language disorders affect the entire well being of the child.

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