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The services offered here is not only for the children but for people of all age group who is suffering from hearing impairment and also who have difficulty in speech. Here at Shravani we do diagnosis, hearing aid fitting & proper evaluation for Cochlear Implant Surgery & also pre-post therapy & mapping. At our centre we provide complete counselling & guidance to the children & the parents for the ultimate result.

Children take part in one-to-one teaching sessions. Parents are the primary caregivers and are required to participate in teaching sessions to enable them to learn how to use the Auditory approach in their home. Here the medium of instruction for speech therapy is majorly into 4 different languages i.e. Hindi, English, Marathi & Gujarati.

We provide habilitation to children with Hearing Impairment through the Auditory approach & those who require it we need to use Aural & Oral approach or depending on the child's requirement.

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